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Innovation In Orthodontics: How OrthoNu Is Creating A New Standard Of Patient Care

By Jon Eggleton / May 13, 2024

In this episode we sit down with Dr. Sima Epstein, Founder and CEO of OrthoNu, an innovative new healthcare company that’s looking to become part of the standard of care for orthodontics patients and the practices that serve them. During our wide-ranging conversation we touched on Sima’s founder story, how she developed products that improved…

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How Marketing Automation Can Improve Both The Bottom Line, And Clinical Care

By Jon Eggleton / February 6, 2024

In this episode we sit down with Grace Griffin, Marketing Director for Orthodontic Partners, a leading orthodontic service organization based in Grand Rapids, Michigan. During our conversation we discuss her company’s recent investments in marketing automation and patient process improvements, what challenges they set out to solve, and how those efforts have not only had…

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The Impact of Artificial Intelligence on Website Development and Brand IP

By Jon Eggleton / January 23, 2024

Obviously 2023 was a big year for AI in many aspects of life, both professional as well as personal. In the first episode of a new season of Traktion Talks, we chat with Wayne Pelletier, Founder/CEO of Resonant Pixel, for his thoughts around how it’s specifically impacting web design and development, digital creation, and the…

TAG Digital Health Summit

Technology Association of Georgia’s Digital Health Summit Offers Glimpse Into Healthcare’s Future

By Jon Eggleton / November 2, 2023

While we may be more granularly focused on helping our healthcare clients with digital marketing and patient intake initiatives here at Traktion, we also try to stay connected to the greater industry that is clearly in the midst of generational changes. Yesterday was such an opportunity as I attended the Technology Association of Georgia’s Digital Health…

The Rise of Non-Alcoholic Drink Options

The Rise Of Non-Alcoholic Beverages, And Their Impact On Health & Wellness

By Jon Eggleton / September 14, 2023

If you’ve walked the beverage aisles of a grocery store in the last couple of years, you’ve probably noticed six-packs from N/A beer brands like Athletic Brewing Company invading the shelves next to their “leaded” counterparts from Anheuser Busch and myriad craft breweries. Or maybe a few of your friends have raved about a new…

CRM For Healthcare

Need Solutions To Better Manage The Patient Prospect Funnel?

By Jon Eggleton / May 25, 2023

In today’s ever-changing healthcare environment, many providers are evaluating CRM solutions to help manage what can be a lengthy process before a prospect becomes a patient. A CRM system can help organizations better manage patient interactions, including those that take place prior to someone even becoming a patient, when their personal identifiable information becomes part…

Clinician Recruitment

The Changing Landscape of Healthcare Recruitment

By Jon Eggleton / February 7, 2023

Clinician recruitment had been incredibly challenging even in “normal” times. And in a healthcare environment still heavily impacted by the pandemic, these are hardly normal times. But while shortages for nurses, physicians, and virtually all types of healthcare workers is hardly anything new, COVID exacerbated issues related to burnout and an aging workforce. According to…


TraktionTalks: Recruitment Marketing In A Post-Pandemic World – Authentically Acquiring Great Healthcare Talent

By Jon Eggleton / June 17, 2021

While COVID19 impacted healthcare recruiting like it did virtually every other industry, it also created opportunities to improve an experience that can often be cumbersome. In this episode we hear from Steffanie Chaviano, Director of Talent Acquisition at Los Angeles-based Autism Learning Partners, a leader in science-based applied behavior analysis therapy for children with autism.…