We’ve all seen the countless email messages from virtually every company we’ve ever done business with, or to whom we’ve ever given our email address. I know my inbox is full of them. The acknowledgment of the burgeoning impact from a global pandemic that is so much bigger than any customer or employee transaction, and that here at Company X we’re doing everything we can to protect the health and safety of workers, customers, and all of those in our ecosystem. I’m not saying this to mock any of these messages, or the companies behind them. I have no doubt these communications are sincere, important, and written by real people who themselves are grappling to understand the magnitude of what is facing our planet today. At Traktion we are no different. So are we sending one of those same messages to our clients?

To be honest, we thought about it, but for us it just felt a little silly. By nature, our work is already very virtual and able to be done remotely, so the nuts and bolts of what we do is largely unaffected by social restrictions. Our team has been inadvertently practicing social distancing with one another since the beginning, typically catching up by phone or video out of necessity for balancing busy work and family schedules. So no COVID-19 email from us (hope you’re not too disappointed). But here’s what we did do. We looked at what we’re good at, and where that expertise intersected with the needs of organizations doing far more important work than us in these unsettling times. Healthcare has been where the majority of our client work has come since we started our company three years ago. In good times, hiring is difficult for most of them, with fierce competition for too few qualified candidates for many clinical roles. It’s why we started our recruitment media practice in the first place, as many of our clients began asking us to use our patient acquisition experience and tactics toward recruiting. In the face of a global crisis, we know many hospital systems and medical providers on the front lines have now gone from needy to desperate for help, with countless stories of nurses coming out of retirement, and last-year medical students starting early.

With the above in mind, we’ve decided to use our expertise to help as many of these front-line healthcare providers as we can find critically needed talent, offering our recruitment media services for free for a limited time to those who meet some basic criteria below. I’m not going to lie, several of our clients have had to pull back on marketing and even recruitment programs in these challenging times, particularly those in non-essential healthcare service verticals. So we have some extra capacity to play with. But we wanted to use that extra capacity and then some to do our part. Our simple criteria to be considered for help is as follows:

1) Must be a hospital system, or multi-location medical provider.
2) Has to be treating (or expecting to treat) COVID-19 patients.
3) Must be able to fund ~$1K/month or more in media spend (note: we will get no cut from this).
4) Willingness to be flexible, and work with our team to quickly execute.

Interested in having us help? Fill out some brief information on this submission form, and expect a callback within 24 hours. We’re all in this together.

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