We Offer Affordable CRM Help

50% of all CRM projects result in a loss, according to Gartner Group. And not only do half of all projects result in a negative return, only 25% of such projects meet their objective, and just 10% generate a positive ROI. In today’s rapidly-changing digital environment, organizations simply can’t afford those odds.

OUR SERVICES: Planning & Selection

Defining the goals, and setting your CRM project up for success.


Strategic Planning

Work with your stakeholders to identify key pain points and challenges, and document specifically what you are trying to solve with a CRM. If need be, we’ll help you build the business case and ROI model for board-level buy-in.

Process Design

From complex lead to patient journey mapping for acquisition teams, to multi-channel marketing automation workflows, our team works with you to iron out optimal processes for customer and organizational success.

Requirements Documentation

Our team will help you build a detailed requirements document to accurately map organizational needs with the right level of CRM support that is necessary.

CRM Selection

We’ll bring to the table a variety of CRM options based on your needs, and our knowledge of which platform(s) are best suited to deliver on them. Salesforce, HubSpot, and Zoho are just a few we've worked with extensively.

OUR SERVICES: Implementation & Optimization

Implementing the best platform, and putting the right long-term controls in place.


Implementation Decisioning

Whether implementation is done in-house or executed through a preferred CRM partner, we’ll size up the pros, cons and cost-benefit analysis to ensure that implementation is in competent hands.

Implementation Consulting

Our experts are your eyes and ears throughout implementation. We carefully manage the process and see to it that all requirements are met, within budget.

Post-Launch Optimization

From adoption planning to change management, our responsibility is to help you find results. Leaning on our experience will give you confidence the entire process will be well executed, and continue to drive results well into the future.

With experience in healthcare, finance, home services and more, we're here to help. Contact us below for a free consultation. 

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