For companies that need fractional marketing leadership, on a part-time basis

Are you looking for strategic marketing support on a less-than-full-time basis? Traktion offers senior-level marketing help for the short or long-term. Let us be the bridge to take you to that next stage of growth or expansion, on your terms.



Chief marketer or digital officer services include:

  • Developing a consistent brand position and message, while ensuring coherence across all points of contact for the company.
  • Working with other organizational leaders to grow a rigorous marketing discipline, creating repeatable results.
  • Evaluating third-party providers for cost-effectiveness and incrementality to the bottom line.
  • Establishing KPIs and reporting measurements to allow for proper measurement of all marketing activities, including investments in media.
  • Coaching, mentoring and leading existing marketing talent to maximize their impact to the organization.
  • Hiring additional marketing resources and support as needed, including evaluation of contractor versus FTE talent.