Leveraging our roots in consumer marketing, we drive digital results for leading organizations in healthcare and beyond.

We understand the unique challenges being faced by marketers today, both in healthcare and other verticals. Digital acquisition programs that aren’t aligned with brand or measurable goals. Post-acquisition communications that lack cohesion or a consistent voice. Harnessing the power of AI to support organizational goals. Having an effective communications strategy to find, nurture and retain users throughout their journey is critical to long-term success, and allows you to focus on what’s really most important to your business.


we look out for your bottom line, pushing you toward new ideas for growth

SO HERE'S HOW WE WORK. We’re not a traditional agency, nor are we a band of buzzword-spewing consultants. We’re a nimble, hybrid team of experienced digital marketers, and we pride ourselves on doing high-quality work at a fair price. We’re known for being humble, highly accessible and flexible whenever our clients need us to step in and fill a gap. We’re not known for fancy business dinners, clever holiday gifts, or otherwise focusing on activities that don’t drive results for our clients. With Traktion, you’re paying for senior-level expertise in digital media and marketing, but not the fancy conference rooms, or obligatory Friday keg socials that nobody really wants to go to, anyways.

We don't get excited about billing hours or spending media dollars, but in driving results and letting you focus on your core business. You can think of us as an extension of your management team, looking out for the bottom line, pushing you toward new ideas for growth, while also challenging you when we see something that doesn’t feel quite right. It’s the foundation of our company, and drives us in every client engagement we take on.