Healthcare marketing is not one-size-fits-all.

Our clients include medical providers serving various patient/client segments, including specialty areas such as orthopedics, dental, and behavioral health. We know healthcare, and our tailored services typically span four areas of focus.



Finding qualified patients through cost-effective marketing programs

  • Create and evolve the digital experience across all touch points, from the website through every media channel.
  • Develop and execute targeted media programs leveraging search, social media, programmatic, video/OTT and display to acquire patients within the desired budget or cost-per-lead (CPL).
  • Execute regional pilot campaigns to gauge demand prior to investing in expansion.
  • Automate the process of follow-up with high-value prospects, leveraging AI where possible for smarter and more efficient targeting.
  • Capture relevant patient data and information at the stage in which it’s needed, and in compliance with all privacy/HIPAA regulations.
  • Refer disqualified prospects to more appropriate treatment options, while still maintaining communications as future status may change.



Building an efficient and measurable new patient onboarding experience

  • Help prioritize prospective patient/client leads as they come in, and quickly identify those most likely to fit target patient personas and convert.
  • Optimize resources to ensure highly-trained clinician time is used efficiently, while leveraging administrative resources and technology as much as possible.
  • Identify requirements for managing patient and prospect relationships, and where applicable, research and implement the right CRM solution based on client needs.
  • Develop integrations with electronic health records (EHR) systems to create a “book of truth”, without creating manual work or duplication of efforts.



Creating long-term relationships in pursuit of better health and wellness

  • Use first-party data and propensity models to target high-value patients, and/or segment audiences to improve show rates, and patient retention by displaying the right messaging at the right time.
  • Retain patients after initial care, communicating an appropriate service offering at the relevant stage of opportunity.
  • Determine lifetime value to optimize marketing and other spending aimed at acquiring and retaining patients.
  • Develop the right messaging for a given patient population, based on what’s appropriate at their stage in the patient lifecycle.



Hiring the right talent to serve growing patient needs within a competitive environment

  • Develop and execute media programs leveraging search engines, recruitment search engines (e.g., social media platforms, OTT, and retargeting networks to attract qualified candidates for highly-specialized healthcare roles.
  • Work with regional centers, when appropriate, to customize recruitment marketing programs based on specific needs at a center or regional level.
  • When working in tandem with both marketing acquisition and healthcare recruitment teams, optimize budget by balancing acquisition with recruitment needs on a week-to-week (and even region-to-region) basis.
  • Create compelling Careers content and digital experiences aimed at attracting candidates on a client’s own website or mobile app.