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Traktion Talks

The Impact of Artificial Intelligence on Website Development and Brand IP

By Jon Eggleton / January 23, 2024

Obviously 2023 was a big year for AI in many aspects of life, both professional as well as personal. In the first episode of a new season of Traktion Talks, we chat with Wayne Pelletier, Founder/CEO of Resonant Pixel, for his thoughts around how it’s specifically impacting web design and development, digital creation, and the…

Clinician Recruitment

The Changing Landscape of Healthcare Recruitment

By Jon Eggleton / February 7, 2023

Clinician recruitment had been incredibly challenging even in “normal” times. And in a healthcare environment still heavily impacted by the pandemic, these are hardly normal times. But while shortages for nurses, physicians, and virtually all types of healthcare workers is hardly anything new, COVID exacerbated issues related to burnout and an aging workforce. According to…